Hotbird "Personalized Social Media Platform"

Do you have thousands of followers at social media platforms?

Do you not know your followers and can not reach them ?

Are you not making any money from your social media activities or are you making very little?

You are at the right place. 

Now you can easily make your own "personalized social media world" at the hotbird platform.


What is "Personalized Social Media Platform ?"

On popular social media platforms, you have to use their standard services.

But you wish to sell product-service to your followers, and to offer different services for your premium followers.

You can not do these kind of activities on popular social media platforms. 

Now, imagine a social media platform built for your and your followers needs, which is yours only. 

You are closer to your followers and they are happy, and you make a lot of money from your social media activities. 

The Hotbird platform is building this exciting world for you and your thousands of followers. 


Build Your Personalized Social Media Platform... Now!

Now you can build your personal social media world, and begin a different experience with your thousands of followers. 

With the advertising streaming on your platform, start to make money now. 

Invite your followers from another social media platform to your own platform. 

Choose your "most loyal" follower, award them, and be closer with your fans. 

Please fill in the form for details, let us meet and build your social media world. 


Let's Meet, Let's Build Your Social Media Platform Together


Franchising for Entrepreneurs and Social Media Agencies

Hotbird platform ftanchising system offers many opportunities for enterpreneurs and social media agencies. 

We can profit together by presenting the opportunities of the Hotbird platform to the social media celebrities in your country, area or city. 

Please fill in and send the form. We wish to meet with you and share the details. 



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