WOW! Are you believing the elections! The charts never lie and I saw amazing things in Trumps chart. Most importantly in my video a King is born. It was his Jupiter Maha dasha that is beginning now and transiting Jupiter conjoining natal Jupiter plus it is trining natal Sun/Rahu in the 10th house. I could not get past this. I spoke about this and in my spiritual Insights I wrote that Trump was coming into a winning cycle. I just didn't have the guts to say he would win with every astrologer at the conference telling me I was wrong and the media (all so biased) telling me I was wrong. One thing I said with conviction was that Hilary Clinton would not serve as the President. The lesson I have learned from this is that I have to be true to myself and make the predictions I see regardless of the media and the other astrologers. All my close friends and family are telling me I wish you would have told the world what you really saw. I told them all Trump would win. My students in the University all know this truth as we discussed this in our private webinars. All my students from The University of Vedic Astrology said Trump would win based on my teachings. If any of my students are reading this please comment and tell the public what we discussed.


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