Happy 11:11! Make a wish! This is a magical day for manifesting! 11:11 is a portal for you to create your hearts desire almost instantly and miraculously. It’s also a message from your Spirit Guides that they’re helping you every step of the way. Every number has a code for us that reveals its purpose. 11 is considered a master number and with it comes extraordinary potential. 11 is a gateway to the divine. The sacred geometry of 11:11 reveals its power. No number geometrically is more aligned than 11! This is a reminder to stay in alignment with your unique purpose; what you were put on the planet to do and share with others, you will be supported by the Universe in immeasurable ways. You can read more about this magical number here: http://karisamuels.com/11-11-magical-manifesting/ Enjoy and share the love!


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